Remote Deposit

Solera DepositXpress allows business customers to scan their deposit checks and then transmit the images electronically to the bank.   This all happens right from the business location.

Who Uses It?

Business customers who want the simplicity of making deposits from their place of business, especially those who are not conveniently located close to a Solera National Bank location.

 Benefit               Feature
  • Make deposits right from your business location
  • Move money quickly and easily 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Training, software and scanner are delivered directly to your business
Easy to use
  • Business can set up multiple users
  • Scanner electronically captures images of checks
  • Software allows for changes and corrections in the deposit before sending
Save personal time and money
  • First month is at no charge!
  • Affordable monthly flat fee of $75 (regular account fees apply)
  • Scanner and software are provided at no charge to customer
Peace of mind and safety
  • Security and funds protection
  • Traceable
  • No need to send employees to the bank to make the deposit

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