Other Products and Services

Solera National Bank has augmented its traditional checking, savings and loan products with several additional services and products to give you more options and an extra measure of convenience:

Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit boxes are available for lease in several sizes for storage of your important papers and other valuables. For your convenience, we can arrange for annual lease payments to be automatically debited from your Solera National Bank account.

Visa® ScoreCard Rewards Debit Card

Whether you buy groceries or gas, pay bills, go to the movies or out to dinner, if you pay with Solera National Bank’s Visaź ScoreCard Rewards Debit Card, you‘ll earn points. Accumulated points can be redeemed for awards like airline travel, vacation getaways, brand name gifts and more. So start using your ScoreCard Rewards Debit Card today and you’ll be rewarding yourself before you know it! Sign-up now by clicking here.

Visa® Credit Card

Have access to funds when you need it and wherever you need it with Solera National Bank's credit card.
Download an application today!

Visa® Gift Card

Giving the perfect gift is easy with the Visa Gift card. 

Using your Visa® Gift card is similar to using a credit card.  When you are ready to pay, give the card to the cashier and ask to sign the purchase receipt.  Each time your card is used for a purchase, that amount is automatically deducted from your balance.  The Visa® Gift card is non-reloadable, so additional money cannot be added to the balance of the card.  The initial value available for use is determined by the person who purchased the card.

Direct Deposit

You can avoid mail delays, save gas, and enjoy peace of mind by arranging for direct deposit of your regular payments into your Solera National Bank account. Your payroll earnings, pension and Social Security benefits are just a few of the types of payments that can be deposited electronically to your account. Direct deposits are credited to your account faster than paper checks, even when you're away from home.

Electronic Transfers

When you need to transfer funds from your account at another financial institution in the United States to your account at Solera National Bank, our electronic transfer feature -- available through Solera National Bank's free online banking service -- allows you to move the funds safely, easily and quickly. You can also use our online banking electronic transfer feature to look up your account at another financial institution.

Domestic and International Wire Transfers

Choose us to take care of all your wire transfer needs, both within the United States and internationally. You'll find our fees reasonably priced and our customer service second to none.

MoneyGram® Wire Transfers

When you need to send or receive money around the world, come to Solera National Bank. As a member of the MoneyGram® wire transfer network consisting of 100,000 branches, we'll make sure your money reaches its destination quickly, easily, securely -- and all for a reasonable fee.

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