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Home Equity Line of Credit

Now you can pay off your credit card bills from the holiday season with ease, finance a home improvement, or take that vacation you've been dreaming about. By using an affordable home equity line of credit, you can withdraw only what you need and pay interest only on the funds you use. Click below for Home Equity Loan Options.

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Home Equity Fixed-term Loan

Designed to meet a one-time need for financing, a Home Equity Fixed-term Loan is for customers who know how much money they want to borrow. The amount, interest rate and loan term are predetermined -- and you'll pay no penalty if you decide to repay the loan early.

Household Line of Credit

Homeowners who anticipate changing needs for cash over time or want to establish a readily available loan "cushion" generally like the flexibility of a Household Line of Credit. With this type of loan, you can borrow in increments as you need the money, and you pay interest only on the money you actually borrow, not the entire credit limit. The interest rate on a Household Line of Credit will vary with market conditions.

To find out more about either type of home equity loan available at Solera National Bank, call or stop in at your convenience.

Construction Loan

Let our professional loan officers apply their local knowledge to meet your needs with flexible construction loan programs and terms. As experts in the construction financing process, we can ease you through the complexities of development and real estate and help you adhere to tight budgets and timelines.

Personal Loan

Are you planning to buy a new vehicle or refinance the one you already own? Need money for other personal needs such as home improvement or repair? We're here for you with competitive rates and loan programs.

Mortgage Loan

Consider our competitive mortgage solutions for purchase and refinancing of primary and secondary properties to meet your financing needs. 

Solera Mortgage is proud to have four winners of the Five Star Professional Awards in the October issue of 5280 magazine. Click here for the full story. 

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