Additional Business Services

Empowerment is one of Solera National Bank's core values. With the goal of empowering businesses like yours to succeed, we make available an array of practical tools and services including:

Business ScoreCard Rewards Debit Card

A Solera Debit Card can help streamline expense reports and account reconcilement, enable your sales force to achieve greater efficiency, and allow you to establish different credit limits for different employees. You may order business Debit Cards for as many key people as you like. With Solera's Business ScoreCard Rewards Debit Card, you will also earn points towards airline travel, gifts and more. Sign-up now by clicking here.

Business Credit Card

Have access to funds when you need it and wherever you need it with Solera National Bank's credit card. Download an application today!

Cash Management

Use Solera National Bank's cash management services to help you make the most of your investment potential, increase your office efficiencies, and improve your cash flow.

Commercial Sweep

Are you carrying a large checking account balance? Solera National Bank's Commercial Sweep facilitates automatic cash management of funds through repurchase agreements, also known as REPOS. The Commercial Sweep product establishes a target balance for your non-interest bearing checking account. On a daily basis, balances above that target are automatically swept into an interest-bearing REPO account.

Merchant Services

When comparing service providers for processing your debit and credit card transactions, you'll quickly find not all merchant processors are alike. We'll guide you through the often complex choices involved in setting up merchant services and make sure you receive the ongoing support you need.

ACH Origination

ACH origination allows businesses to automatically receive payments from their customers, manage payroll and make automated payments to their vendors.

Payroll Direct Deposit

A valuable payroll management service, payroll direct deposit gives you tools for reporting and tracking, filing federal tax payments, and electronic filing of annual W-2s.

Health Savings Accounts

Solera National Bank offers a highly competitive Health Savings Account complete with free features like an optional Debit Card, electronic or paper statements with check image safekeeping, and online banking. Additionally, you'll receive your first order of checks free.

Domestic and International Wire Transfers

Choose us to take care of all your wire transfer needs, both within the United States and internationally. You'll find our fees are reasonably priced and our customer service second to none.

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